"What's Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out?"

(These are actual testimonials Abby has received since releasing the ebook just before July, 2004. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, measures have been taken to respect the privacy of certain authors when requested.)

More Testimonials from Parents, Spouses, and Hairpullers

More Praise From Women:

“I have not pulled a single, solitary hair in
2 months since reading your eBook!”

"This is huge because I was to the point where I was pulling every single day for at least an hour, probably two.

"I'm filled with gratitude, shock and an odd feeling of peace about it.  I feel like I've been exposed to whole new worlds, and the opportunities go wayyy beyond just stopping my hair pulling.  I never even thought that stopping was possible!  Yipeee!

"Thanks for your courage to share so much of yourself to help so many others, Abby!  I love getting your emails. . .

--A Reader from Illinois

“Since reading your info, I have quit pulling!”

"I have pulled all of my life, ever since I can remember. . .but since reading your materials, I have quit.  I pulled one hair. . .unconsciously, realized what I did, then threw the hair away! I didn't eat it!

"I just wanted to let you know that you really struck a chord with me.  I am so very grateful."

--A Reader from Colorado

“It sure seemed like a never ending drama that I couldn't stop.”

"But I have to say that since reading the e-book I have not been pulling my hair for over 2 months now.  I am very much pleased to have someone like you to reach out to because I don't know what else I would have done.

"I want to thank you again and will keep in touch."

--A Reader from Ohio

"I'm now 58 days pull-free (since the day I bought your book)!"

"Thank you so much, Abby!
"The ebook had much influence on my life.  I feel much better with my self and I'm much more attentive to my needs and to stress creating situations.  It has also helped me to take control in other areas of my life."

--Name Withheld by Request

"Since I've read your book and have been working on your healing methods, I truly have been actually healing myself!"

"My hair is already growing longer and filling in. I get compliments from people telling me how they love my haircut when in reality I haven’t got it cut its just growing and actually looks like a typical hairdo now. I love it. You are my true hero in this and I thank you everyday. You've been the miracle I've been looking for all these years. Thanks again Abby!  I read a piece of your book each day just to give me the extra incentive to get through each day, and it gives me something to think about. Hey, you got to do what works, right!"

--Wendi, Montana

“Thank you so much for this book!  It was such a Godsend.
And thank you for keeping up with your readers!”

"Rather than the same old negative information I've always heard from the "experts", it was so nice to hear that I'm not crazy, or lazy, or whatever other garbage I've been fed by others or myself.  It made so much sense to me, especially about being sensitive and self-critical.  Like many other pullers, that fits me to a tee.  In fact, so much of it did.

"Thanks again so very, very much!"

--A Reader from California

“For the first time in 30+ years, I have hope for recovery!”

"I just finished reading your book.  Thank you!!!"

--A Reader from Massachusetts

“You made me realize that I can help myself!”

"Your book has really helped me!!! I was at the end of my rope."

--Elizabeth S., Ohio

“Your book goes against everything we have been led to believe. . .”

"I have always felt terrible that I can't bring myself to talk about my trich to anyone and therefore have not been able to ask for help.  I now realize that I don't really have to ask for help, since help is within myself!"

--A Reader from Israel

“I am now pull-free for 3 weeks and counting, ever since
I read your book and used your techniques!”

"I've been pulling for seven years. Your story was so heartfelt and honest that it was like a mirror image of myself and my thoughts. Your descriptions of trich were so real and truthful I knew you knew what I was going through. It really make me believe that I could end it!"

--R.M., Kansas

“Since reading your ebook my eyes have been opened!”

--A Reader from North Carolina

“The best gift anyone could have given me . . . HOPE!!!!”

"Thank you very much for your book.  I purchased it 3 days before my 31st birthday and it was the best gift anyone could have given me. . .HOPE!!!!"

--A Reader from South Africa

“I'm already finding success!  It's the best treatment
I've ever had - and I've had lots!”

"You've provided a great program, which is easy to access even from Australia.

"I've ceased punishing myself and I have not pulled for a full week now.  You taught me not to bottle up my feelings for the sake of not upsetting others--a problem I've had my whole life.  My general well-being and level of self-esteem has already improved as a result!"

--Janis from Australia

“Believe it or not -- I haven't pulled a single hair
since I read your ebook 6 weeks ago!”

"I'm still shocked. Not only do I not pull anymore but I don't even have the urge anymore. It completely went away. All of my eyelashes are back!"

--J. Jones, Maryland

"It was revolutionary to [use your suggestion].  I felt so loved by myself.  It was a completely new experience for me."  

"I have done a lot of self-growth work.  I know when I am just going through the motions and when something really sinks in on an emotional and physical level.  I have not pulled out any hair since the week of that first lesson.  Now, even when I stroke my hair, I say [your statement] to myself.  Also, I am 45 and in recent years I have begun to get gray hair.  I have been primarily pulling out gray hair only.  Since starting the lessons in your book, I do not see my gray hair as ugly for the first time." 

--Name Withheld by Request, California

"For the first time in my life I felt more empowered than I would have ever imagined.  It all made perfect sense to me."

"I would have never came to this realization if it took me the rest of my life.  This one tool has indeed, changed my life.  Whenever I slip back into some of my old ways, I think of this very scene in my mind.". 
--D.B., Indiana

"It really gave me hope!"

"I am not ashamed of my hair pulling anymore. I am accepting my feelings and allowing myself to feel them. I am forgiving myself. I have not stopped pulling yet. But I do see a decrease in it.

"Thank you so much for sharing this with me."

 --J. Heath, Iowa

"I tried drugs, sheer willpower, counseling.  But after reading the book I realized what I was doing wrong. Something in what you wrote really clicked!  I can't believe it!" 

"I read through the book several weeks ago and I am happy to report it has worked.  I have been doing this since I was 13 and I am now 39, and it has been the number one thing I wanted to change. 

"My main problem area has always been my eyelashes and eyebrows.  And for the longest time I had to always make sure I was wearing eyeliner and filled in my eyebrows.  Guess what?  They are growing back and I am so excited.  I look so much better already. When I look in the mirror now, it isn't to see what damage I have done, but to see how much my hair has really grown.  It's amazing that it grows back even after all the times I pulled them out."

--L. Schultz, Washington

"I haven't finished reading your book yet, but I can now
see myself on the other side of the fence."

"A couple years ago my therapist sent me to a doctor who  told me there was no hope for me.. that I would always be a hair puller.. and all I could do is reduce my urges by heavily medicating myself.

"As I began to read your book I envisioned a reality that I will walk away from this problem.  Not only is it possible, others have done it.  Hearing your perspective really allowed me to wrap my arms around that hope.

"Thank you for putting your words on paper for people like me."

--B. B., Washington

"In short, I have been following your advice and have
found it extremely beneficial."

--S. K., Michigan

"It's been nearly 6 months since I've pulled --
since I've ordered your ebook online!

"I know I'm completely finished pulling. I have no desires still at all.

"Thank you!"

--J.M.J., Maryland

"It really opened up my eyes and let me see that
there are ways to stop my trich."

"I printed out your book and read it in one night. I have never finished a book before in my life, but this one kept my attention because I knew exactly what you were talking about.  It was very comforting to know that someone else has experienced what I go through every day. I am finally getting over my trich and am on my way to getting my life back. I sincerely thank you."

--Brooke Beighle, Montana

"I feel as if it was written just for me."

"I hadn't been online to seek help for over a year now since the websites I used to frequent, although sympathetic, did not offer much help for overcoming this behavior.  I bought your ebook and read it early this morning. I first want to thank you for taking the time to write this book. I just want to let you know that I am going to start today with your lessons. Already you have touched on many of the same ideas that I have begun to feel lately to be behind my hair pulling. I am ready to change my life today. I just don't want to stop pulling out my hair, I want to make my life different. I want to listen to my inner self and live the life I was born to live.

--Name Withheld by Request, California

"I haven't pulled in I'm not sure how long . . ."

"Thank you so much for following up on me with encouragement! I even have good news for you. I am getting to the thoughts/beliefs behind the behavior.  urges come and go but I decided that I wasn't going to use pulling as my way to cope anymore. It'd sure be easy to replace it with another disgusting habit, so I'm guarding against that, too.

"I'm expressing my feelings more and my marriage is better.

"Thanks again!"

--Ruth W, Michigan

"I am halfway through your ebook and already have a new outlook."

"I want to thank you for sharing you life with others."

 --N. F., Pennsylvania

"Abby, this was the turning point in all my years of pulling!"

"I thought I knew the reason behind it, but after reading your book, I discovered a whole new, truer, reason.  I am now able to fight.  I will have my hair back and be able to handle situations in a better way.  Thank you so much."

--Debbie, Texas

"By the little that I have read my pulling has declined."

"I've gotten greater insight into my problem and have learned that the drugs and talking are not really the answer." 

 --Name Withheld by Request, California

"I read your book and started the exercises three weeks ago.  The pulling decreased almost immediately."

"I felt free and so calm.  I was able to start working on a home business which I thought about for years, but could never act on.  I think the exercises freed me in more ways than just the pulling.

Thank you for specifically addressing needs for the parents of hair pullers.  I still have a hard time with the fact that my parents never really tried to help. 

Thank you for being so brave and writing this book to help the rest of us!


--Name Withheld by Request, Kansas


"You have truly written something magical and
I hope not to let myself down." 

"I swear, some of what you wrote is exactly "it".  It's amazing.  I am not pulling as often as I was.  In the past, I have tried not to play the victim, but found myself constantly telling someone about my awful past.  Since reading your book, I have quit doing that.  I realize that keeping that stuff "up front" was not serving any purpose.  I want to thank you for being there.  Not just in your email, but in your book. 

--Name Withheld by Request, California


“Yours in huge gratitude. . .”

"I think you are brilliant in your perspective on why we do it and it makes so much sense to me. Also has echoes into many other coping mechanisms."

--R.C., United Kingdom

“I finally feel like I have someone out there who has gone through what I am going through and who is willing to support me no matter what!”

--A Reader from Massachusetts

"You are building an underground railroad in the
aiding andunderstanding of this disorder!”

--A Reader from Texas

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More Praise From Parents:

"I used your ebook information to change my parenting approach and this has drastically reduced my daughter's hairpulling!" 

"Reading your materials helped me change my attitude toward my daughter and her hairpulling problem.  I thought she would be motivated to stop doing something that gave her bad feelings but your ebook explained to me that the guilt and bad feelings merely fanned the flames. I have changed my approach to let her know that hairpulling isn't the problem or even a problem; the problem is lots of other stuff, like the stress of growing up and assuming responsibility. Now, we focus on dealing with handling those problems."

--Bonnie, A Mom from New York

“I am halfway through your book and am seeing so
many connections with my daughter!”

"I know it isn't meant for kids but I can find many ways to use it. I am seeing so many things we need to change about how we relate. Thank you so much for being out there!"

--Jane, A Mom from Missouri

“Thank you so much for sharing what you have discovered. 
You are a blessing.”


I find it interesting that your biggest motivator to rid yourself of trich was your daughter and for me, saving my daughter is proving to be not only my motivator to heal myself but has put tools in my hands I likely never would have found."

--A Mom from Florida

“I thank you so much!”

"I bought your ebook to help one of my daughters.  I feel your information is fascinating and wonderful and am so excited and encouraged that my daughter is pursuing your approach--which has already helped her in the first few days!"

--A Mom from New Jersey

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More Praise From Men:

“From a man's perspective, the eBook is wonderful!”

"To me the beauty of the book is that it isn't gendered at all--clearly you are a female author and so write from that perspective to some extent. . .but to me the ebook really resonates because, "Only the wounded physician heals". . .so I hear the healer within you rather than any particular male or female perspective.  I do totally agree with your delineation between OCD and hair pulling -- and think that the delineation is crucial.

--A Reader from Australia

“Wowie Zowie!  I'm really blown away by your insights!”

"I want to rid myself of this behavior and am so grateful to you for sharing your struggles and your wisdom. I think your concepts can apply to much more than hairpulling.  You've written a very powerful and helpful book.  Thank you!"

--George Stamos, Nevada

“Your book is absolutely fantastic!”

"No treatments out there come anywhere close to the way that you approach trich!"

--Ryan Joffe, North Carolina

"I have to say that [your ebook] is with out any doubt the best thing I have encountered in the 7 years since I have known that the condition had a name."

"Like yourself I have had it for the last 27 years and I can honestly say that this is the book that I would like to have written, because its so close to the bone, I feel that it's come from me. It's clear and concise and most importantly, it's to the point. It does not wallow or preach and for the first time in a long time, it's given me hope and made me feel good about myself and that I can tackle this."

--Martin Tobin, Great Britain

“After 40 years I finally feel that there is hope!"

“I thought that hairpulling was just a habit that I had to live with for the rest of my life until I read "What’s Wrong With Pulling My Hair Out". 

“Your ebook is top-notch, Abby, and a totally different approach to stopping this addiction. I commend you for your genuine concern for others who pull as well as the countless hours of research you've done to get to the real issues behind it all.

“Your ebook has the answers I have been looking for and I highly recommend it for those who truly wish to heal themselves. Thank you.”

--Ed Bidinotto
Boulder, Colorado

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More Praise From Husbands:

“Remember, the hair puller WAS my wife. . .”

"And I said WAS, because that hair pulling problem was left behind.  She now has more confidence and she looks as beautiful as years before (even better) and she feels like a new person.

"The eBook gave her the tools and techniques to fight this problem.

"Believe me, you are really doing something special!"

--A Husband from Panama

Ever since she read your book things have really changed.

"My wife and I have argued off and on about her hair pulling problem for about the past year. I really always thought that it could be controlled. After reading several articles about trich I finally started to understand how big of a problem she really had.

"I recently bought your online publication and made her read it. She really had herself convinced that there weren't any cures for trich aside from anti depressants. She says that she has struggled with this problem since she was a little girl. Ever since she read your book things have really changed. She has now become very conscious of when she is pulling. It really is working for us. Most importantly it made me understand her problem.

"I just wanted to thank you for the time/ effort/ research you put into trich."

"Thanks So Much,"

--A Husband from Utah

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Praise For My Follow-up Email Support and Free Mini-Course:


"Your email was perfect timing!"

"Yesterday was the first day that I began slipping into real pulling.  I'm sure you know the drill; you are motivated for a while but then resort back to previous behavior."


"It is amazing to me that your emails and messages come to me in
such a timely fashion, it's almost like you know what is happening in my life on a daily basis!"


"I really appreciate your emails of encouragement.  I have felt alone for so very long."


"Thank you so much.  I really appreciate the way you keep in contact with your readers.  you really are a source of strength."


"First of all, let me say thank you for your follow up. I have never purchased anything on-line where I had any correspondence from the seller, much less the concern that you seem to genuinely show."


"I never write in to magazines, or contact authors of books that change my life, there have been many too, so for me this is a first. What you said (in that email) about taking action was so relevant to my learning, this path I am taking, it made me realize, that action is all that is missing. Thank you for the gentle reminder!"


"That was an encouraging e mail. I am feeling particularly pleased with myself this week."

"I had conjunctivitis (red eyes) the whole of last week and I managed to keep my eyelashes! Before it was any little irritation and I would start to pull them!"


"I haven't pulled my hair since reading your ebook. It is more than a month now. I have a peculiar dilemma with my hair, long at the back and sides and very short on the top where it is starting to grow out! But I can live with that!!!"


"Thanks so much for your letter of support.  I've been a hairpuller  for 30+ years.  The night I downloaded your book I breathed a big sigh of relief for I knew that this was the beginning of the end." 


"Just had to say -brilliant timing on the hair cut email. I’m off to the hairdresser today. All the usual agony and explanations."


"Thanks for your hairdresser story - I think I can count the times I've been to the hairdresser in the past ten years - you're right - I can't stand the looks and the questions at the hairdresser!"


"Thanks once again for standing by on the sidelines and cheering!!"


"Thank you for your email Abby.  I am still working through the program, and have found it extremely useful.  Thanks for all your help, and your follow up.  It is much appreciated."


"Your email could not have come at a better time."


"The mini course was excellent!"

I have to agree with one of what your other correspondents said. My hair pulling too was something that is not talked about but is, of course, obvious. I cut my own hair and never go the salon. Since I have read your book I have not pulled a single hair and have great hopes of staying that way. I found the most comforting thing was to find there were other people out there who felt just like I did. It is very difficult to put into words to your loved ones what you feel at times. I am very encouraged and as promised will keep you informed.


"Thanks so much for your letter of support!" 

"My addiction I've had for 30+ years.  The night I downloaded your book I breathed a big sigh of relief for I knew that this was the beginning of the end (so to speak).  I could not have put into words better my thoughts and feelings than you have.  It's nice to know I'm not crazy and that this can be overcome!"

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